♥ Rules ♥

My rules are pretty simple and most of them should go without saying. I mean, let's be honest. If you wouldn't want me doing it to your artwork that you spent hours and sometimes even years of time putting together, then please, don't do it to mine.

» First and foremost, everything on this website unless otherwise specified is copyrighted to me, J. Aly Barber or Wishing, formerly known as aliplushie.com or vanilla-kisses, unlikely-kisses.net, ubii, ubiique, Ai Mei also known as Aly. And anything taken from here (hopefully with permission) shall be linked visibly back to ubiique at http://ubiique.deviantart.com or this current web address.

» If you use one of my bases, link back to my website or my deviantart with my name.

» Do not franken any of my work. This means don't take pieces of my artwork and use it for anything, this includes icons and such needless junk.

» Do not display my artwork anywhere.

» Anything labelled as a gift or commissions should not be adopted. Whether it be from me or to me, unless I have expressly given the gift to you personally.

» My pixels, artwork, layouts and/or scripts are not to be used for any commercial uses. You may not and cannot use them to make real currency (money) of any kind. You may not use them to make fake currency that can be exchanged for real currency, either (unless given specific permission by me, this is not difficult, simply contact me).

» My dolls or bases are not to be used in any dollmakers or KISS dolls. Period.

» Do not direct link (use a direct link to something on my website like http://unlikely.exofire.net/images/pic.gif) to anything on my website. If you use it, upload it to your own server and give a credit link to me and my website.

» This isn't a rule, its a request. Did you use one of my bases? Awesome! I'd LOVE to see and I might even adopt it! You can contact me via any messenger or even email me to show me!